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Obscura will tell the story of the band finishing their duty with the Everflame and returning to a life of freedom, and finding a different world than the one they left behind. Feeling lost, they set out on travels to rediscover this new world. Every song tells a new part of the world they discover, a much darker world than they had left behind.

The album really plays out like a movie itself, it’s like one long story with different chapters that take you on a journey. You can listen track by track, but it’s MUCH better in one sitting as many of the songs bleed into the next. I don’t think it’s exaggerating by calling this a masterpiece. … Obscura” will take you some places you don’t quite expect, but it will also have a familiar feel too if you’re a fan of Symphonic Metal. There’s enough “Progressive” playing to keep those fans happy, but there’s also enough hooks and great choruses to keep people outside the genre interested.


Gallia writes big, bold, bombastic compositions. There are many significant shifts and changes within each song as they create interludes that can be a simple pause or an indication of a major change in phrasing. The compositions are enormous, complex, and utterly majestic. There is so much attention to detail embedded in this record. There is no silence, but there are pauses where only a sound effect is used to either shift gears or change directions. There is no wasted space; every nook and cranny is filled with precisely what the moment needs for maximum effectiveness.


Only the different moods created with the instruments and the enormous orchestration tell this story in an extraordinary form. You immediately feel fully integrated into the storyline, experience the emotional worlds and at the end of this musical “fantasy film”, which is actually “only” a metal album, you are happy about the happy ending, which also requires a sequel at the same time.



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debut ep

The story of Everflame is the band’s fight against the dark. As long as the fire is burning, there’s hope. It’s our duty to keep the flame going, this task was trusted upon us by an ancient Goddess. So we worked hard, during all these years, to keep the fire going and to keep the demons away. At times it was hard, and it felt like the flame would die out. Doubt and trouble crept into our minds, but as long as we stayed together, we would keep the fire going. Soon we will have fulfilled the prophecy and find freedom once more.

This is bombastic, theatric and orchestral compositions are weaved through arrangements with heavy sounding riffs, hard hitting drums and strong bass lines. It works… At some points even a bit of Folk Metal crosses my mind, there are influences anyway.

Metal to Infinity

Officer Nice

Then, when the full band returns in Fight of Fools, a vocal-oriented anthem and EP highlight, if you find yourself pumping your fist in the chorus, let me admit without shame that you wouldn’t be the first person to do that.



Chris Haggstrom

Gallia offer here Symphonic Metal of the better sort. Even if the orchestration has a great influence on the sound, these acts rarely overweight. The rhythm section is clearly set the tone and ensures that the genre name “Metal” is rightly called. “Ever Flame” is an EP on which the band can build up.

World Metal Domination

Keith Clement

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